Octothorpe Definition

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Octothorpe Definition

What does Octothorpe mean?

  1. (mainly US) A name for the hash or square symbol (#), used mainly in telephony and computing
  2. 1982, Willard R. Espy, A Children's Almanac of Words at Play, Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., page 230
    Octothorp is the # on a push-button telephone. Rumor at the telephone company is that a man named Charles B. Octothorp, wanting to make his name famous...
  3. 2004, Andrew Pitonyak, Openoffice.Org Macros Explained, Hentzenwerke, page 139
    Strings are enclosed in double quotation marks, numbers are not enclosed in anything, and dates and Boolean values are enclosed between octothorpe (#) characters.

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